The Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce serves as an advocate for the creation, growth and general welfare of African American businesses in the Dallas community. The Chamber actively promotes the expansion of business opportunities on behalf of its membership through referrals, partnerships, seminars, technical assistance and marketing. The Chamber focuses on economic and business development, education, convention/tourism and special projects.

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Education Committee

The Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce’s (DBCC) Excellence in Education Enrichment Program is designed to enhance the educational, cultural and social experiences of students in Dallas. The program is designed to have a positive impact on the attitudes, values and behaviors necessary for student success, in and out of the classroom. Excellence in education (formally known as Excell Plus) was established in December 1986 as a business/ education partnership between the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce and Dallas Public Schools. The program has successfully impacted over 10,000 students.

The Excellence in Education Department is pleased to introduce a winning component – the Church/ School Partnership Program. The Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce and Dallas Public Schools have put together a cadre of churches, schools, and business actively participating in the success of our students. The cooperative and collaborative effort between church, school and community will assist each entity toward accomplishing its respective missions.

Listener Project


There are many areas in which we need your support for the Chambers Education Enrichment Program. If you have a desire to encourage our youth to excel in all areas of life, you may volunteer in some of the following ways:

Tutoring:To tutor you simply contact the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce and the process begins. As a tutor you may partner with a co-worker or business associate.

Mentoring: To mentor, you select the school you desire to work with, contact the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce and we will develop a schedule.

Sponsorship: You or your company may want to sponsor a particular project the Excellence in Education Department is managing, such as:

Go to School/ Stay in School

Scholarship funds


Partners in Education

Speaker’s Bureau: You may volunteer to speak at schools during Career Day or Black History Month, to discuss what you do in your business or occupation. Discuss how students can prepare themselves for the same type of business or career.

Executive Assistant Program: You may want to provide a high school senior an opportunity to experience work in your career field before they declare a college major. If your company is interested, contact the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce and we will do the rest. Its that simple!